RAFAT Red Arrows

For the second year running Bournemouth is delighted to welcome back the nation's favourite flying display team, the Red Arrows to display once again on all 4 days of the Festival.

Union jack wrapped Typhoon flying through the skies

RAF Typhoon

Ripping through Bournemouth's skies the mighty Typhoon will be back again this year and, like the Red Arrows, will be displaying on all 4 days!

The famous Lancaster bomber and spitfire planes, flying in formation over the countryside

The Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) "Lest we Forget"

The full complement of the Lancaster, the Hurricane and the ever popular Spitfire, hero of World War II, will once again be flying majestically over Bournemouth Bay this year commemorating those who have fallen in the service of this country, to promote the modern day Air Force and inspire the future generations.

RAF HC6A Chinook

The unmistakable "wocka wocka" of the Chinook is one of the most distinctive sounds in the sky and we are delighted to welcome the team back to the festival again in 2022

Blue Bi plane flying performing in the skies of Bournemouth

Jet Pitts G-JPIT Muscle Bi Plane

We are delighted to welcome back Rich Goodwin in his Muscle BI-Plane with its brand new unique wing design which took Rich 4 years to build. Look out for the double hammerhead manoeuvre and amazing Tower of Power. Always a breath-taking display.

Night Air Displays

Bournemouth Air Festival wouldn’t be the award-winning event it is without its incredible Night Air dusk displays.

Black and white image of the RAF typhoon

RAF Typhoon dusk displays

Not only was the mighty Typhoon back during the day but it also displayed at dusk

3 Tiger parachute team with orange smoke coming off them

The British Army Tigers Freefall Parachute Display team

Don't miss the Tigers Parachute Display Team dropping onto Bournemouth Beach at dusk with smoke trailing and flags flying- always a popular display

‘Otto’ The Helicopter

Piloted by Brendan O’Brien ‘Otto’ the Helicopter will be adding even more explosive entertainment for the dusk flying displays with another dazzling performance packed with spectacular pyrotechnics