RAF Typhoon

Ripping through Bournemouth's skies the mighty Typhoon displayed on all 4 days of the 2023 festival, as well as a twilight display each evening.

The famous Lancaster bomber and spitfire planes, flying in formation over the countryside

The Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) "Lest we Forget"

The full complement of the Lancaster, the Hurricane and the ever popular Spitfire, hero of World War II, could once again be seen flying majestically over Bournemouth Bay in 2023 commemorating those who have fallen in the service of this country, to promote the modern day Air Force and inspire the future generations.

Super Pitts Muscle Bi-Plane

Rich Goodwin delighted the crowds with his G-JPIT Muscle Bi-Plane, which he hds reengineered to include two massive ATM Lynx jet engines offering more unique aerobatic manoeuvres.

WASP helicopter taking off

WASP HAS1 Helicopter

p51 Mustang plane

P-51 Mustang

Swordfish bi plane flying past a union jack

Fairey Swordfish

Two black planes fly close together in sky

The Starlings - Extra 300NG

Greyplane flying in blue skies

Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron - deHavilland Vampire

Bronco Demo Team - OV-10 Bronco

Night Air Displays

Bournemouth Air Festival wouldn’t be the award-winning event it is without its incredible Night Air dusk displays.

Black and white image of the RAF typhoon

RAF Typhoon dusk displays

Not only was the mighty Typhoon back during the day but it also displayed at dusk.

Otto the helicopter with fireworks flying off

Otto - Schweizer 300

The incredible and chaotic Otto returned in his Schweizer 300 to wow festival goers with his helicopter firework display at night! A real crowd pleaser.

Fireworks flying off the fireflies plane during a dusk performance at the air show


The majestic Firebirds once again be performed their awe-inspiring night air routines for all to enjoy.