Did you know…when it comes to the Air Festival, it’s not the plane fuel that contributes to the impact of carbon emissions but, believe it or not, it’s actually cars and the way people travel to and from the event. This year’s air festival sees a push for sustainability and encouraging festival goers to choose an alternative way to travel to the event.

SUSTAINABLE FACT: If 1-in-3 people changed how they travelled to the festival over the 4days we could save a massive 2,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year for the next three years.

Working with the Bournemouth Air Festival Wave105 is the official sustainable/ responsible festival supporter, we are asking people to be a 1-in-3 visitor that makes a difference! Instead of piling in the car, make the decision to travel by train, jump on a bike or bus or event walk to the event – this small change can make such a difference.   Or you can pledge your support in a few other ways…

It will be such much easier this year if you’re prepared for your day out at the festival and ‘Know before you go’.

You’ll be loaded up with sun cream, picnic, towels, drinks, snack, chairs, windbreaks, brollies, buckets and spades everything you need for a day at the beach and more…. but this year, if you’re planning to come to the Air Festival, it’s going to be better to be prepped. So get jenned up, here’s the check list:

  • Follow the team on social media for news and updates, as it happens – Facebook, Instagram
  • Buy the brochure and download the Air Festival app from the app stores
  • Download the Beach Check app available from app stores, and when you get there move to the middle of the beach, there’s plenty of room for everyone!

Please note: There is a temporary traffic order for cyclists and escooters covering all of the Air Festival site between 10am – 11pm. These areas include Undercliff Drive, East Overcliff, Pier Approach and between Bournemouth and Boscombe Pier. Beryl has instated a 3.1mph geofence on all escooters from Bournemouth Pier to Sandbanks.