Bournemouth Air Festival announcement re: Gravity Industries Jet Suit Display Team

After three ground-breaking, entertaining and very eventful shows, the Gravity Industries Jet Suit Display Team are unable to fly their final Night Air performance.

Richard Browning, Founder and Chief Test Pilot, said: “At Gravity Industries we are always developing and testing our technology, and this weekend at Bournemouth Air Festival, supported by the GREAT Britain campaign, we are delighted to announce that our Director of Flight Training, Dr Angelo Grubisic has broken our Jet Suit Speed Record by flying at 74 kmph following the Guinness World Record we set in November 2017 of 51.3 kmph.

“In pursuit of these new challenges and goals, we unintentionally put two Jet Suits in the water and as a result means we are rather short on equipment for tonight’s display and unfortunately are unable to fly.

“It’s been the most fantastic week, pushing boundaries¬† – and further demonstrating that innovation is about not being afraid to learn from failure.

“We very much look forward to coming back to display at Bournemouth Air Festival and potentially grow a part of our international race series across the waterfront.”

Richard Browning of Gravity Industries was also able to fly the longest distance of 1.4km – which is further than the team has ever flown before.

Festival Director, Jon Weaver, said: “We’re proud to have been able to bring the team to this year’s festival and especially for them to debut their pilot pair – it’s such an innovative and exciting project. It wouldn’t have been possible to include the team in the festival line-up without the support of the GREAT Britain campaign. Richard, Angelo and the team from Gravity Industries have wowed, inspired and entertained tens of thousands of festival goers and we wish them every success in the future. We do hope that we’ll be able to welcome them back to the festival.”