FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is premium parking?  

Premium parking offers a guaranteed, convenient parking space during the air festival for a whole day. You can take all the stress out of finding a parking space at a busy event by booking in advance and beating the queues.  

By paying extra you get a guaranteed parking slot near the air festival site on the day you choose to visit.  

This is stress-free parking because you can book ahead, beat the queues, arrive, and leave when you want.  

How do I pay for premium parking? 

To book a premium parking spot download the RingGo app or go online at www.myringgo.co.uk 

Please use the premium parking codes provided on our website: www.bournemouthair.co.uk/plan-your-visit/premium-parking 

What do I need to bring with me on the day? 

Please show the confirmation of your booked session on the RingGo app on your phone. 

How much is premium parking? 

Individual daily prices are day and location dependent. At Bath Road South the cost is £45 on Thursday, £55 on Friday and £60 on Saturday, while motorists parking at Eden Glen will pay £35 on Thursday, £40 on Friday and £45 on Saturday.   

How much more than normal are the premium parking bays?  

Normal fees will apply across most of Bournemouth’s car parks but in the designated sites the premium costs are approximately double the usual rate.  

Can I buy a premium parking bay if I have a Blue Badge? 

Yes, you can. There will be 10 premium parking Blue Badge bays in the Bath Road South car park. 

Will there be a discount for Blue Badge holders? 

Premium parking is the same rate for all drivers. The pricing and provision of Blue Badge bays in non-premium car parks remains the same. 

What does this mean for Blue Badge holders who don’t want a premium parking space? 

Blue Badge non-premium parking is available but may be in high demand so please be sure to consider your transport arrangements carefully in advance. 

There are two accessible non-premium parking car parks:  

  • Winter Gardens in Bournemouth Town Centre (BH2 5DJ)  
  • Sea Road on Boscombe Overstrand – with 250 spaces available. 

There is accessible viewing available at Monkey Island (at the Boscombe end of the East Overcliff) – with 80 blue badge parking spaces. 

For easy access to the promenade, you can arrange to be dropped off at the bottom of Sea Road by Boscombe Pier (BH5) – you will need to show your blue badge to the stewards. 

At the Boscombe end of the site you will find an accessible viewing area on the promenade outside the Surf Steps School (BH5 1BN). 

What happens if all the premium parking spaces are full? 

Another three car parks will become available if needed, based on demand. 

Can I park my motorhome?  

Standard conditions of the car park apply.  The maximum height of permitted vehicles is 2 metres. Caravans, trailers, goods vehicles, camping, cooking and sleeping are not permitted. 

Will there be any bays where I can park my electric vehicle? 

Yes, there are limited number of charging points at the Bath Road South car park. 

How do I pay / book?  

Through the RingGo app or website: www.myringgo.co.uk 

Which car parks will have these bays? 

Bath Road South, and Eden Glen, (corner of BH2 and Lower Gardens). Three other car parks will come online if needed.  

How much does this cost? 

Pricing varies depending on which day and which car park. For details, visit www.bournemouthair.co.uk/plan-your-visit/premium-parking 

If I leave early, can I get a refund? 

There is a flat rate fee for the day. 

If the flying is cancelled, can I get a refund?  

There is a flat rate fee for the day. 

Are these car parks close to the BAF action?  

Premium parking is very close and accessible to the BAF site.  

Can I still park In Bournemouth for the “normal” price? 

Yes, there will still be plenty of parking available in central Bournemouth. 

This will only affect a maximum of five car parks, located near the seafront and in central Bournemouth and is aimed at people who wish to attend the Air Festival. 

Do I get any extras with my Premium Parking Bay?  

You will get the peace of mind of a guaranteed parking space close to the event. 

Why are you charging extra for parking during the Air Festival?  

Like many local authorities, we are in a challenging financial climate and have had to make tough decisions about the future of some council services. 

We know the value this event brings to the economy, to the cultural offer of our area and to wellbeing, that’s why we have worked with the business community to sustainably fund the festival in 2024 and beyond. 

Our plans for premium parking are part of this sustainable funding model, which includes sponsorship and other commercial activity.